Exclusive ARRMA Interview (part 1) - "What makes ARRMA different?"

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I've been very fortunate and extremely privileged to do a 1-on-1 interview with the founder of ARRMA, Jason Dearden. The video explains it all, so hope you enjoy this very special and exclusive chat with the man that started it all.
Thank you for watching. :)
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Q1: “Jason, can you explain your position at ARRMA, what that entails and how long you’ve been there?”
Q2: “How and when did ARRMA come to be – how did it all start?”
Q3: “Can you tell me about ARRMA’s tag lines - “Designed FAST, Designed TOUGH” and “Don’t just BASH. BLAST?”
“And what does that mean to you and your team?”
Q4: Viewer question - “ARRMA has become very well known for making some of the toughest RC cars on the market today and not to mention some of the nicest looking ones, where does the inspiration for the designs come from?"
Q5: “ARRMA is a company that I personally am very passionate about because it does what so many RC companies (and companies in general) don’t do and that is to listen to feedback from its users and continuously make incremental improvements to its products based on that feedback. Updates for the ARRMA cars seems to be coming around every year or so and I’m curious to know how come ARRMA can do this and others can’t or perhaps won’t? What makes ARRMA so different?”
Q6: “ARRMA started life with the 2WD drive vehicles, such as the Granite, Raider, Mojave, Vorteks and AX10, right? (Rhetorical question) During the time ARRMA had those cars, there wasn’t much talk about the brand (other than that funky radio with the 2 sided steering wheel), and so when do you think ARRMA turned a corner and began to have a significant impact in the hobby (when did people start taking notice)?”
Q7: “When ARRMA first released the 1/8 scale cars there were a couple of issues (refereeing mainly to the ESC) that I think soured the taste of ARRMA for a few people out there (both customers and retailers), although I didn’t have much go wrong with my cars at the time (except the Kraton) how did this impact the company and how did you overcome it? Or have you overcome it?”
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