Exclusive ARRMA Interview (part 3) - "2019 will be EPIC!!"

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This is it - the grand finale! But just like before, if you haven't seen part 1 () or part 2 (), please use the links provided to chat up on the chat.
Hope you have enjoyed this 3 part series of my Exclusive Interview with the founder of ARRMA, Jason Dearden, and thank you so much for taking the time to watch it.
Q1: “There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the new 1/10 scales 4x4 BLX cars. I’ve read a few comments from my viewers as well as some on other social media sites that seem to indicate that some people are under the impression that these new 1/10 scale cars will be replacing the 1/8 scale cars, and I think this has to do with the fact that they carry the same name. Can you clear the air and put all those rumours to rest by explaining the 1/10 range and why you kept the names the same?”
Q2: “Can you also explain why the 1/10 scale cars come with 14mm hexes for the wheels and not 12mm?”
Q3: “One thing I’m personally curious about is the lack of “upgrade parts” or “option parts” made by ARRMA. I know you used to do some in the past for the 2WD cars, but while other companies seem to offer upgrades, performance or option parts for some of their cars, ARRMA doesn’t do a lot of that, why?”
Q4: “I don’t think it was entirely common knowledge that Team Durango and ARRMA were two sides of the same coin and shared platforms/layouts. Is there anything left over that TD had developed that could still see its way into the ARRMA cars and be used as upgrades, performance or option parts?”
Q5: “Speaking of upgrades, the RC hobby in general has come a long way as far the engineering, speed and of course durability. But with social media providing a means to show off how high you can jump or how fast you can go (#send it), and almost turning it into some sort of challenge, do you think that people’s expectations of how durable an RC should be have exceeded what is actually possible to produce?”
Q6: “I noticed that the 2WD cars are all but extinct (Fury, Granite, Vorteks and the Voltage range), are they actually done? And are there any plans to revive them in the future or perhaps introduce a whole new range of 2WD cars?”
Q7: “With the popularity of the ARRMA brand growing exponentially every year and the number of fans growing along with it, keeping up with the product requests of the public must be pretty difficult. I’ve been involved in several RC groups on Facebook and even some forums in the past (not to mention my own YouTube channel), and I’ve seen people ask for all sorts of ARRMA cars, such as a nitro ARRMA, a small 1/18 scale, a 1/5 scale, etc. So if you were to take one of these ideas and decided to make it, what’s actually involved in getting a product to go from concept to reality, how long does this take?”
Q8: “Finally, can you tell us anything about what’s coming up from ARRMA in the near future?”
Q9: “Just before we go, is there anything you would like to say to the ARRMA fans out there?”
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