Exclusive ARRMA Interview (part 2) - "Is there a new Nero?"

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So here we are for the second part of my exclusive interview with the founder of ARRMA, Jason Dearden. If you haven't seen part 1, please follow this link () and watch that first before watching part 2. The video will explain the rest.
Thank you all for your time in watching this video and hope you enjoyed it.
Exclusive ARRMA Interview (part 3) - "2019 will be EPIC!!"
Q1: “Now, the last 12-18 months have been a bit turbulent for ARRMA, wouldn’t you say? You had a rival brand suing ARRMA/Hobbico. Hobbico then filed for bankruptcy which led to its death. ARRMA, among several other brands under the Hobbico umbrella, were sort of in limbo for a bit until Horizon Hobby took over. (If I’ve missed anything here, please correct me) Can you summarize how the last 12-18 months has impacted the brand and the products?”
Q2: Viewer question - “What was the outcome of the Lawsuit? Can you comment at all on that?”
Q3: “So is the Nero and all its brothers officially done? Will that platform or the name ever return?”
Q4: Viewer question – “What about parts for the Nero platform? There is still a strong following for that car and those people are worried that parts will become harder to find, so are parts still being made for that platform or the ones that are currently available are leftovers from when the cars where in production?”
Q5: “With Horizon Hobby taking over ARRMA, how do you foresee the future of ARRMA in the next 12-24 months’ time or even beyond that?”
Q6: Viewer question - “Are there any plans to implement AVC into the current line of RCs that ARRMA produces?”
Q7: “Can you confirm if the Tactic Radios are staying or going? Will ARRMA be supplied with Spektrum in the future?”
Q8: Viewer question - “Will Horizon have any input or influence into the design of the ARRMA cars?”
Q9: “We’ve stared to see the new 1/10 scale vehicles being supplied with EC5 connectors, so is it fair to say that ALL cars from ARRMA will eventually come with EC5s?"
Q10: “The Notorious stunt truck was released recently and it kinda stirred the pot a little inside some of the ARRMA FB groups. There was a teaser before the trailers for the truck dropped on YouTube and a lot of people assumed that ARRMA was about to release a “NEW” product, but it was essentially an OutCast with a different body. Of course, the internet was outraged as they were led to believe that it was going to be something totally different, but this is nothing new and has been done for a long time, even way before ARRMA was around. I’m curious to know, though, what are your thoughts on the RC industry making it a standard to take an existing chassis, change the body and call that something different or a “NEW” product? And at what point do you think a product should be labelled as “NEW” when it’s based on an existing platform?”
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