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I drove my RC Truck from Land, to Water, To Land Again! AHHH, SHE's RiDiNG the WAVES LiKE A TWiG!! Today is the second attempt at putting this Tribute Build to the BBC Toybota back into the "Mini-Channel" to attempt a full crossing. I have built an amphibious vehicle (a replica TOYOTA Land Cruiser LC70 UTE, and it is radio controlled. I have attempted this crossing before, but ran into a few problems on the maiden voyage. I built the truck as a kit, and expanded on my ideas from there. This truck is full 4x4, locked - and has a 2 speed Transmission. I have custom built this truck with full intention of mounting a GiANT REPLICA of a 250 HP HONDA OUTBOARD MOTOR - and seeing if I could cross a large body of water. Back in the days of TOP GEAR BBC - with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, our family would always gather to watch the show all the way from Canada!
I was always inspired by the crazy stunts and activities those boys got up to.. and one that always stuck out in my mind - was the Toybota (Part Toyota, Part Truck), and the Truck Boat Challenge with the Nissan - and the 3 of them crossed the English channel to BEAT Sir Richard Branson's record time in an amphibious vehicle.
Here are the BBC Videos of Reference
BBC Top Gear Car-Boat Challenge: Toyota "Toybota"
BBC Top Gear CAR/Boat Challenge: Nissan "Nissank"
My outboard Engine is controlled by Cable Driven Steering, as well as a 11.1v Lithium Polymer battery. It has plenty of power, but I have to be careful as demonstrated in the video. "Plowing the water" is a real thing.. but there are ways to tackle this problem, and keep this truck looking true-to-scale.
Oddly enough, Jeremy didn't cross the lake in the first attempt, but he was able to cross the Channel! Will the Second Attempt be a Success for me, after a first time fail? Watch to see what happens!
During this 10 Video Series, we were fortunate to have MotoringBox & Grand Tour Pick up a story! They did a complete write-up about our Maiden Voyage. Here is a link to the article!
This Article was also picked up by Grand Tour, and Drive Tribe!
They had a slightly different take on our adventure, and here is THEiR Article!
These two articles were a "Driving" factor in seeing this project through - so that Jeremy and the Boys, could find out about the build and hopefully get a few extra smiles in!
THANK YOU EVERYONE, and ALL OF OUR ViEWERS! Without dedicated viewers like you, our show would not be possible..
We make a great team! Please, enjoy the video!
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