SplatterFrog Toy Racing - Channel

Splatterfrog is primarily focused on creating Marbles, Dominoes, Hot Wheels Car racing and adventurous videos that show quality time being spent between 9-Bit Eegy (son) and Silent Genius (father). We are a *** FAMILY FRIENDLY *** channel. The channel also includes unboxing videos, wildlife and humor. We believe the time spent with each other is very important - as we both journey through life. Toys, Games and friendly competition is what we like to share. Note when Eegy was younger (circa 2012-2014 - we focused on Thomas The Tank Engine stories - feel free to watch these. 70 Episodes. We no longer create these as Eegy is growing up fast. Please subscribe, comment, like, share and favor our channel and videos. Thanks Silent Genius and 9-Bit Eegy. Note our sister channel - Rock n Style (it focuses more on video game creation, demo's and playing). We also have another sister channel - Reagy Gaming (it focuses on Roblox/Minecraft).